Hotell – fyra illuminerade noveller

Awarded with the GYF (Grafiska yrkenas främjande) 2017 prize for best graduation work.

Hotel – four illuminated short stories, 236 pages, 104 prints.

“A picture is worth more than a thousand words,” one hears occasionally. And it makes sense. But one could also argue that a thousand words are worth more than a picture. It depends on the story.

As a bachelor degree project at Konstfack – university of arts, crafts and design, i wrote four short stories, each dealing with different aspects of seeing. I made pictures for these texts with different intaglio printing techniques, that i felt matched the tone and atmosphere of the stories.

Words and pictures are two expressions, both with their inherent capabilities and limitations. I believe that a certain space can exist between the two, when they are shown together. A space created by the reader and interpreters willingness to link the written word to the image, and vice versa.

Exhibition view:

Excerpts from the book: